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With over 20 years experience analyzing charts, trading stocks and managing large portfolios, Ross publishes the 11 Charts Report — his most powerful stock ideas delivered triweekly.



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Ross has an amazing intuitive feel for the market and stock movement. Working with him for over five years, I was always impressed with his ability to carefully analyze charts and sense stock movements before they happen. Furthermore, his risk control is outstanding and he has a relentless work ethic. I am a big fan of his “Eleven Charts” service. It gives a remarkable feel for what’s happening in the market and I would recommend it strongly to investors, particularly to those who want to learn how to become great market technicians.

David Felman, former Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments

“Fast, easy read! In less than 3 minutes and I know where the money is moving. I set my alerts and I’m ready to go for the next day.”

Scot M. NY, New York

“I was able to move my money into a cash position before the market dropped, it saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you”

Steve W. Cincinnati, OH

11 Charts Features

Ross doesn’t write editorials. He sticks to the facts and keeps it short, sweet and simple. He understands that the market doesn’t care what we think, or how we feel, which is why you will never hear him opine about things such as macroeconomics, or the geopolitical landscape.

Stock Reports

Pro Account members  exclusive access to institutional quality research 3x per week, including Ross’ most recent take on the general market, in addition to the market’s highest quality, most powerful, leading stock setups, that are getting ready to explode!

Are you curious about whether we covered a particular stock of interest and how we handled it? No problem. We maintain an archive of all of our reports going back over 4 years, which can be searched by a stock’s ticker symbol.


Pro Account members also receive access to our Long and Short Watchlists, which are updated daily.

Chat Room

In addition to the 11 Charts Stock Reports and Watchlists, Elite Account members receive access to the Ticker Monkey chat room, home of 11 Charts Chat, where we are available to interact with our members in real-time, during market hours.

For those who are unable to participate in the chat room during market hours, posts the most important highlights from the chat room in their forum throughout the trading day, to keep you up to speed.

Additionally, Elite account members get access to Ticker Monkey’s private Twitter feed, where the Chief Banana posts tons of additional, extremely valuable information and research. This includes actionable setups, with entry and exit points, for those who are interested in real-time alerts.